Dollar Boys Football Academy and its relevant stakeholders understand the absolute significance of contributing positively in their areas of operations. As a business, we are committed to contributing to sustainable economic development, working with employees, their families, the local community and society at large to improve the quality of life, mostly in ways that are good for business and good for development.

It is a fundamental principle of Dollar Boys Football Academy to ensure that we set out programmes in the communities we operate that contribute to the development and enhancement of the people that live in those communities, especially their youths.

We classify our CSR engagements into different categories and their actualisation is based on the revenues gained from the successful transfer of players:
Scholarship and Apprenticeship Programme: we intend to provide scholarship up to university level for some of our playing staff and selected members of the communities we operate. Apprenticeship programmes will also be in place for those that are willing and able to learn other practical skills. These programmes create opportunities for those involve and also enhance their employability or success in other endeavours outside of football.
Provide financial assistance for selected women to start their own small businesses: the mothers of some of our playing staff stand to benefit more from this. However, few selected women within the community can also benefit from this programme.
Accommodation for parents of the players from poor background: we understand that some of our football players come from very poor background. Hence, we ensure that we provide accommodations for parents of some of the players that fall within the criteria.